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Toxic Boy With Uke

Im better off all by myself, though im feelin kinda empty without somebody else, oh, i hear you crying out for help, but you didnt show for me when i was ringin your cellphone, oh you dont know how it feels to be alo-one, baby, oh ill make you, oh

Toxic Boy With Uke

BoyWithUke (born August 25, 2002) is a pseudonymous American alt-pop singer, musician and internet personality. He rose to popularity on the online platform TikTok with his most viral single "Toxic" (2021) and with his second most viral single "IDGAF". He has become one of the most popular faceless artists on the platform. He is currently signed to Republic Records.

In late 2021, BoyWithUke signed a deal with record label Republic Records.[6] In 2022, he released the single "IDGAF", featuring Blackbear, from his album Serotonin Dreams.[7] He released his debut major-label album, Serotonin Dreams, under Republic Records.[6] It debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard Alternative Airplay and Billboard 200 charts and features "Toxic" as its lead single.[2][8] After the album's release, BoyWithUke was listed as one of the top ten Billboard Emerging Artists.[8]

BoyWithUke released the Extended Play "Antisocial" on February 24 with it including three songs, notably, the EP contained the already debuted single, Rockstar, as the two other songs were teased previously on his TikTok, with these songs being "idtwcbf(friends)" and "Nosedive"

BoyWithUke wears an opaque face shield with two large LED lights in order to ensure his anonymity.[1] His music is centered around the ukulele but also incorporates other instruments such as the piano.[3] He self-composes his music on GarageBand from his iPad, a free digital audio workstation for Apple devices.[6]

BoyWithUke's music has been described as "alternative" and "alt-pop". His famous artworks besides these include "Two Moons", "Long Drives", "Loafers" and "Sick of U" (ft. Oliver Tree). His less known songs include collab with mxmtoons "Prairies", "She Said No", "Contigo", and "Scared of The Dark" a few from Fever Dreams including "Psycho", "Out of Tune", and some songs from Melatonin dreams "Letter From my Bed", "Lovely", "Route 9".

BoyWithUke's albums are said to follow a "Dreams Saga", with Melatonin Dreams talking heavily about depression and suicidal thoughts. Fever Dreams is said to be based apon one being less depressed and suicidal than its predecessor, but ultimately still focuses its core values on low self-esteem and general melancholic and depressed themes. Serotonin Dreams is supposedly him "waking up" and the "Magnum Opus" of the saga as overall unlike its antecedent, Serotonin Dreams is focusing on realisation and generally more positive values, whilst still having occasional referances to the values of its predecessors.[citation needed]

He started his musical career in 2021 on TikTok where he uploaded various videos with his pieces. All of his music is created DIY and using GarageBand. After his first successful videos, he released his debut album Melatonin Dreams in 2021.

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This is a song about him trying to find new friends because the ones he knows now are toxic. It states that he is better off all by himslef, but is feeling empty. He also regards a toxic relationship and is also better by himself 041b061a72

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