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The Assignment Mike Murdock Pdf Download

The Assignment Mike Murdock Pdf Download

Are you looking for a book that will help you discover your purpose and destiny in life? Do you want to learn how to overcome the challenges and adversities that may come your way? Do you want to tap into the anointing and wisdom of God for your assignment? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in reading The Assignment by Mike Murdock.

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The Assignment is a series of books by Mike Murdock, a renowned Christian author, speaker, and televangelist. The series consists of four volumes, each covering a different aspect of the assignment that God has given to every person. The four volumes are:

  • The Assignment: The Dream & The Destiny - This volume helps you identify and pursue the dream that God has placed in your heart. It teaches you how to recognize the clues and signals that reveal your assignment, how to prepare yourself for it, and how to protect it from the enemies that may try to stop you.

  • The Assignment: The Anointing & The Adversity - This volume helps you understand and operate in the anointing that God has given you for your assignment. It teaches you how to access the power and presence of God, how to overcome the obstacles and oppositions that may come your way, and how to endure the trials and tests that may refine you.

  • The Assignment: The Trials & The Triumphs - This volume helps you cope with and conquer the difficulties and dangers that may threaten your assignment. It teaches you how to handle the criticism and persecution that may come from others, how to deal with the temptations and distractions that may come from within, and how to celebrate the victories and rewards that may come from God.

  • The Assignment: The Pain & The Passion - This volume helps you embrace and enjoy the journey of your assignment. It teaches you how to find joy and fulfillment in your assignment, how to balance your personal and professional life, and how to leave a legacy for others.

If you want to read these books, you can download them for free from various online sources. One of them is [The Internet Archive], where you can find the first three volumes in PDF format. You can also find other books by Mike Murdock on this website. Another source is [The Preachers Portal], where you can find all four volumes in PDF format, along with other books by Mike Murdock and other Christian authors. You can also find other resources and information on this website.

Reading The Assignment by Mike Murdock can help you discover, develop, and deliver your assignment from God. It can inspire you, instruct you, and empower you to fulfill your divine purpose and destiny. It can also help you grow in your relationship with God and with others. So, what are you waiting for? Download these books today and start reading them!

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