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Shaping Canada Mcgraw Hill Ryerson Pdf Download

Shaping Canada: A Review of the McGraw Hill Ryerson Textbook

Shaping Canada: Our History: From Our Beginnings to the Present is a textbook published by McGraw Hill Ryerson in 2011. It is designed for students in grade 10 Canadian history courses. The textbook covers the major events and themes of Canadian history from the pre-contact era to the present day, with a focus on the diverse perspectives and experiences of different groups of people who have shaped Canada.

The textbook is divided into six units, each covering a specific time period and theme. The units are as follows:

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  • Unit 1: First Peoples and New France (before 1763)

  • Unit 2: British North America (1763-1867)

  • Unit 3: Canada: A Nation Emerges (1867-1914)

  • Unit 4: Canada: A Nation Transformed (1914-1945)

  • Unit 5: Canada: A Nation Redefined (1945-1982)

  • Unit 6: Canada: A Nation Challenged (1982-present)

Each unit consists of several chapters that explore the political, social, economic, cultural, and environmental aspects of the unit's theme. The chapters include a variety of features, such as:

  • Historical Thinking Skills: These are questions and activities that help students develop critical thinking skills and historical literacy.

  • Historical Perspectives: These are excerpts from primary and secondary sources that provide different viewpoints on historical issues and events.

  • Historical Inquiry: These are research projects that encourage students to investigate historical topics of their choice using various sources and methods.

  • Historical Connections: These are links to other chapters or units that show how historical themes and events are related across time and space.

  • Historical Significance: These are summaries that highlight the importance and relevance of historical topics and events for today's world.

The textbook also includes a glossary, an index, a timeline, maps, graphs, charts, images, and other visual aids to support student learning. The textbook is accompanied by a website that provides additional resources, such as web links, videos, podcasts, interactive games, quizzes, and more.


Shaping Canada is a comprehensive and engaging textbook that covers the main aspects of Canadian history in an accessible and appealing way. The textbook is well-organized and well-written, with clear explanations and examples. The textbook also incorporates multiple perspectives and voices from various groups of people who have contributed to Canada's history, such as Indigenous peoples, women, immigrants, minorities, workers, activists, artists, and more. The textbook also emphasizes the development of historical thinking skills and inquiry among students, which are essential for understanding and interpreting the past. The textbook also connects the past to the present, showing how historical events and issues have shaped Canada's identity and society today.

However, the textbook also has some limitations and drawbacks. The textbook is very dense and lengthy, with a lot of information to cover in a limited time. The textbook may also be biased or incomplete in some areas, as it may not reflect the latest research or debates in Canadian history. The textbook may also overlook or simplify some aspects of Canadian history that are complex or controversial, such as colonialism, racism, oppression, resistance, diversity, etc. The textbook may also be outdated or irrelevant in some aspects, as it does not cover some recent events or trends that have affected Canada's history and society.


In conclusion, Shaping Canada is a valuable resource for students who want to learn about Canadian history from a broad and inclusive perspective. The textbook provides a lot of information and features that enhance student learning and interest. However, the textbook also has some flaws and gaps that need to be addressed or supplemented by other sources or materials. Therefore, students should not rely solely on the textbook for their understanding of Canadian history, but rather use it as a starting point for further exploration and inquiry.

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